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Technology Breakthroughs Power Online Casino Growth

One of the big attractions of online casino gambling is the out of this world phenomenal technology that powers the gaming websites. Online casino gambling has definitely taken on a “can you top this” flavor to it as even veteran gamblers are astonished at the level of sophisticated technology that continues to improve both the level of play as well as the security of gamers and the online casinos.

The technology of online casino gambling was always impressive right from the industry’s inception in the mid 1990’s but those beginning games would seem like pong or even Pac Man compared to today’s graphics and sounds that seem to be more real than life itself.

There are countless reasons why more gamblers are flocking too, joining, and staying with online casinos and the technology is a big reason why. The graphics and themed games have become a massive draw in and of themselves as they appeal both to new and casual gamblers as well as the more sophisticated professionals.

Not only is this technology pleasing to the eyes and ears but it also has enabled the online gambling software providers the ability to create a greater variety of games and with a far greater diversity of limits and playing amounts, but this technology has enabled gamblers to virtually design games based on their own terms. Thanks to the technology of online casinos a gambler can find a game and a playing range that is perfect for him and his bankroll.

As great as the technology is today what is most impressive is the possibilities for tomorrow.

How to Find a Good Online Casino

Online casino gambling has become one of the fastest growing industries in this new computer age. The reason is obvious, not many land based casinos can compete with the unique services that online casinos offer players. If you’ve looked for an online casino then you’ve also noticed there are hundreds of casino websites to be found. They all tempt you with flashy banners and cool promotion, but before you get drawn in, there are a few things you need to investigate: Most online casinos offer a sign-up bonus; you need to read between the lines and look for specific rules that come along with that bonus. You want to check out the downloadable version of the software before you open an account. Some softwares are really difficult to use while other are user-friendly and easy to operate. You always want to check the game selection especially if you are looking for a specific game.

Take the time to read the online casinos promotion page. Read about special bonuses you can collect and their comp point programs. Then compare this to other online casinos to see who gives the best promotions. Read theit security statements and what the casino offers in terms of security. Make sure your details are private and encrypted. And lastly look into if they have 24/7 customer service, you never know when you might need it. Also make sure there is more than one way to get in contact with there customer service department.

After checking these details you will be able to make an informed decision on the online casino you choose.

Online Casino Bonuses

Getting the best online casino bonus should be priority for ever online gambler. While all casinos will offer bonuses to entice you to play, some bonuses are much, much better than others. Top online casino bonuses available are a key feature of casino gaming on the internet. If you're not taking advantage of casino bonuses, it's safe to say you're not getting the best value out of your gaming.

Casino bonuses are effectively free money that the online casino hands you to get you to play there. There are a range of different online casino bonuses out there and here are just a few:

Online casino sign-up bonus, this is probably the best bonus you can get but as the name says it is a sign-up bonus and you are only eligible for it once.

Loyalty bonus are not usually as lucrative as a sign-up bonus, but you generally don’t have to do anything but play. You will receive and email when you are eligible for a loyalty bonus, which you earn through continuous play at an online casino.

Free bonus, may actually be the most sought after bonus online. It is usually smaller than other bonuses but it’s free and does tend to catch the attention of new players.

Refer a friend bonus; this bonus is given for signing a friend up at a particular online casino. Tell them to mention you as a reference when they sign up and a bonus will be deposited into you online casino account.

Remember most of these bonuses come with wagering requirements. Check with the casino to find out exact details as they do vary from casino to casino.

Variety a Strength of Online Casino Gambling

The amount of games, limits, and prizes make online casino gambling far and away the best way to play as a traditional brick and mortar casino simply cannot compete. But have you ever asked yourself do online casinos limit the maximum pay out that players can win playing different games? Well, the answer is yes, and there are a couple of ways this can be done. The first is that they can limit the amount that can be wagered since the payout ratios are secure, that means the maximum win is at a fixed rate. The second method is to directly limit the pay out; of course this doesn't apply towards playing the Progressive Jackpot games.

The other most important reason is that online casinos do not want to encourage the player to get in over their heads financially, so they limit the maximum pay out amount. You will notice that most of the online casinos you play at make it clear as to what these limits are and how they are paid out. These limits are applied differently for each individual casino, so make sure you read the rules very carefully.

There is a special feature with some of the online slots and video poker games that is called the gamble feature. This feature can be very rewarding as it can double or triple the payout. If luck is on your side you could win a huge amount if the original pay out was big. So this is why casinos can limit the maximum pay out that can be received with playing the gamble feature games

Online Casino Bonuses Explained

With the amount of competition from online casinos today, every extra incentive players are offered in order for them to choose one over the other is great for the online casinos. From the player’s perspective, the bonuses offered are more than welcome and are even expected nowadays.

Online casino bonuses are a very popular incentive that online casinos will utilize in order to encourage gamblers to get involved with their site. There are various types of online casino bonuses and each has its particular advantages and conditions.

The first type is the Welcome Bonus. This is also known as the New Player Bonus or the Signup Bonus, and it is the most popular type of online casino bonus to be found. The average amount is $100, so please read the fine print carefully when you are offered this type of online casino bonus which is for a larger sum. In many cases, that would be broken down into $100 increments per month, and not one lump sum.

The next type is a Reload Bonus is set up so that you'll keep reloading your account and keep gambling. It's quite similar to a Welcome Bonus and is often 100% Match up to $100 of free money.

There are also the No Deposit Bonuses which are a form of online casino bonus that doesn't require you to deposit anything at all. They just add money to your account, usually at opening, to add incentive for you to start up with them. Most No Deposit Bonuses are around ten dollars.

For the novice player, lists of bonuses can seem somewhat overwhelming at first. Players should always read the Terms and Conditions of the bonuses carefully before using bonuses or before signing up with a specific online casino.

Online Casino Growth Has Many Factors

Despite a shaky worldwide economy the online casino gambling industry is growing at a rapid rate as there appears to be no limit to the potential of online gambling. It is becoming more apparent that the industry is as close to recession proof as can be found.

The first reason for the success of the online gambling industry is the fact that its customers are learning of the significant cut in cost to gamble online as opposed to traveling to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or other premier destinations.

The second big factor in the success of online gambling is the phenomenal bonus structure that is offered which makes a gambler a winner before he even plays. There are substantial bonuses for sign ups, referrals, play, and loyalty among other potential add ons. These bonuses so clearly beat anything offered at an in person on site casino that it makes no sense to play anywhere else other than online.

Another factor that sets online gambling apart is the variety and power of choice. There is no limit to the amount of games that can be offered by an online casino in comparison to an onsite brick and mortar casino with its limited floor space. Beyond that with online gambling there is a far greater variety of limits both low and high which appeals to every level of gamer from the person who wants to play for pennies to the big time whales who play for thousands of dollars per bet.

The more people try online gambling the more that they realize it makes far more sense than playing anywhere else.

Online Casino Disputes Have Advocate

One of the most important contributors to the success of the online casino gambling industry is eCOGRA, which is a London based independent player protection and standards body that makes sure that consumers/gamblers are not being swindled or taken advantage of and that everything is above board in the online casino gambling industry.

Online casinos are also big fans of eCOGRA as it serves to protect them as well and separate the many good and honorable online casinos from the very few that are bad. eCOGRA is one of the reasons that the industry has grown so fast as it helped online gambling bridge the initial trust gap that it faced at the founding of the industry. In fact one of the most important goals of any online casino is to be approved by eCOGRA. A player cannot file a dispute with eCOGRA unless the online casino that they play at is approved by the organization.

It is also interesting to note that at a report just released by eCOGRA on the 2010 year that the online casinos that were approved by eCOGRA had very few disputes filed.

Most of the problems that were filed had to do with cash in problems, with almost half of all complaints having to do with that issue.

One quarter of the complaints filed at eCOGRA had to do with online casino bonus issues while 19% had to do with what is described as “locked accounts.”

Last year 43% of all disputes went in favor of the player and since 2004 the players have won just under 50% of their disputes.

Thanks to eCOGRA players can gamble with confidence and peace of mind knowing that they have a friend in their corner and a casino that is honest.

Online Casino Makes for Happy Birthday

Intercasino is one of the oldest and most respected online casino gambling websites with 15 years of success and loyal clientele that love the high quality and impeccable customer service to go along with an outstanding bonus and referral program.

The aggressive and highly rewarding bonus program is one of the reasons that Intercasino has been such a dominant name in the industry almost from its inception.

Intercasino has stayed ahead of the online gambling industry for many reasons including its famed Cryptologic software that has powered it to the forefront of the industry. The graphics at Intercasino are as good as can be found and offer a realism that would make even the most skeptical gambler believe that he is roaming the Las Vegas strip.

Along those same lines Intercasino refuses to rest on its laurels as far as a bonus program and has currently made even better offers for signups, referrals, and play loyalty. Beyond that you can now have an extra happy birthday at Intercasino as they will be giving special bonuses for players who visit on their birthdays in addition to the already great offers that they have going.

Beyond a happy birthday you can also enjoy outstanding slot tournaments at Intercasino as players can earn additional points beyond the norm for playing in these outstanding tournaments that have awesome prizes and jackpots in their own right.

Loyalty points add up fast at Intercasino as does action in these tournaments which means that there has never been a better time to join Intercasino and become a winner before you even begin to play.

Get off to a fast start at Online Gambling

If everyone could win, or even if most people could win, there would be no such thing as gambling and certainly no such thing as a casino. There is gambling at casinos because the casinos control the edge and mathematical percentages that in the long run make them impossible to beat, except by a select few gamblers that can bring the entire package to the casino.

The first thing that is required for success at an online casino is phenomenal preparation. This goes far beyond simply having expertise at whatever particular games that a gambler will play but also with the online casino itself as well as exquisite money management.

A gambler should always “case the joint” when entering any online casino and thoroughly study the games that are offered along with the house rules, bonuses, payout structure, and limits, etc. Knowledge and preparation are power and the more that an online gambler knows going in the better he will perform as he can focus his entire attention on gambling play.

Expertise at any game that a gambler chooses to play is also of critical importance. There is no hope at winning at an online casino without expertise of the games played. This goes from the basic rules of the game to odds calculations along with best and worst bets.

Finally there is nothing more important than money management. Good bankroll management trumps everything else. Goals should be set for wins and limits set for losses and the bankroll broken down into small segments so that there is no big loss at any one time.

Finally a gambler should have a brutally realistic approach about how difficult it is to win consistently at online gambling. A sober approach based in realism makes for smart play.

Bigger and Better Bonuses at Inter Casino

Inter Casino has long had the reputation in the online casino gambling industry of being the premier destination for online gaming.

Inter Casino has been in the business since the very inception of the industry and has remained in top shelf status with a proven product that customers have come to respect and refer to their gaming friends as the one sure spot to go for the best in online gambling.

Inter Casino is sweetening the pot for new players as they are upping the ante with bonuses that are the best in the business.

A great place to start with Inter Casino and their current offers is the 115% slots smasher, which is a slot players dream come true. Inter Casino offers the best in Marvel Comics themed slots games that are a hit as much for their entertainment value as for their great gaming and jackpot aspects.

That is just the start however as Inter Casino is also offering a $300 Table Thumper welcome bonus that makes everyone an instant winner. This is an outstanding offer for gamblers that prefer table games and is one of the most attractive offers of its kind in all of online casino gaming.

The $250 Double Trouble bonus can be used for virtually any game that is offered by Inter Casino and is yet another way to become a winner before making a wager.

One visit to Inter Casino will make you understand why it has been a leading online gaming site since the start of the industry. These bonuses will make you stay at Inter Casino!

Worldwide Online Casino Gambling

The ability to make a wager at an online casino stretches around the world. You can be located anywhere in the world and if you can access the Internet you can make a wager at an online casino. For gamblers that love to play casino games that is a great convenience.

Online casino gambling has grown around the world for a variety of reasons. It is much easier to play casino games online than it is at a land-based casino. All it takes is a few clicks of a button and you can make any number of bets. You also don’t have to leave the privacy of your own home to play your favorite games. The Internet makes it possible to play without going to a land-based casino and you don’t have to worry about the travel. Sometimes you don’t even need to go to your computer as many online gambling sites have expanded into having hand held devices that make it possible to play from the palm of your hand. Online casinos have made it so easy to deposit, withdraw, and get involved in popular games without leaving your own home.

If you want to play blackjack, roulette, baccarat or any other casino game you can do so instantly at an online casino. There are no distractions, no need to tip the dealer, and no worries about cashing out. Your money is instantly in your account at the casino so you can play any game of your choice at any time of the day or night. And you can do this from practically anywhere which is why online casino gambling is now popular all over the world.

Your Online Casino Bankroll

Your online casino betting success begins with having a bankroll that can withstand the ups and downs of wagering. Without a bankroll you have no ability to wager so that means you must protect that bankroll at all costs and make intelligent bets.

Online casino bankrolls must be managed properly if you expect to win money. Bankroll management begins with an honest assessment of what a bankroll is and how to bet it intelligently. Once you establish whatever a bankroll is, the next thing that you need is a realistic assessment of what online casino money management is all about.

Bankroll management means that you will have goals set up in which you can reach a target and it means that you will have loss limits and profit protection plans established.

Now let’s get into specifics for your online casino bankroll. The first step is to set aside an amount of money for your bankroll. It could be $10, $100, $1,000 or more. The amount doesn’t matter; what does matter is how much of that bankroll you bet. You need to decide the percentage of that bankroll you will be betting. A safe percentage is 2%. If you have $100 that means you are betting $2. If your bankroll is $1,000 then you are betting $20. You always need a fall back and that 2% figure gives you a better chance to overcome the ups and downs of online casino betting.

Establish your online casino bankroll, set a percentage for your betting and enjoy the action.

Know the Odds at the Online Casino

The odds at the online casino are not always what you think. Do you actually know the odds of the games you are playing? You will sometimes hear what the best bets are at the online casino but do you know the exact numbers?

Online casino games favor the house but some games are better than others. Let’s look at the numbers for some of the games. Let’s begin with craps and the odds for this exciting game. The best bet is the pass or don’t pass wager. The odds favor the house by only 1.41%. If you take odds you can get that percentage down to virtually nothing at the online casino. The place bets are almost as good while the field bets offer poor value and hard way bets are really bad for the player.

Another excellent game at the online casino for the player is baccarat. In fact, it is the best game. The odds are between 1.17% and 1.36% on the banker and player hands. The tie is the only bad bet in baccarat for the player. Another popular game at the online casino is blackjack. The percentages vary here since playing excellent strategy brings the house odds down to about 2%. Most players don’t play perfect strategy though which means the house edge is between 10 and 20%.

Roulette is a fun game at the online casino and the house edge is reasonable at 5.26% on a double zero wheel and half that amount on a single zero wheel. The slots are also quite popular and they are not always bad bets. You can get the house edge down to 2% on certain machines and the opportunity to hit a big jackpot can be there.

Online Casino Customer Service

Have you ever noticed that the customer service at an online casino is far better than what you get at a land-based casino? If you have been to a casino in Nevada or New Jersey you will notice the poor customer service. The land-based casinos don’t really value their customers the way they should and treat them poorly. That is not the case with online casinos.

When you bet at an online casino you have 24/7/365 access to whatever type of games you want to play. And you can reach someone from customer service at any time of the day or night. And unlike a land-based casino, the online casino actually wants to help you. They want you to enjoy your experience and keep you as a customer. Their #1 goal is to make customers happy. You almost never get great customer service when you walk into a casino in your local town but you almost always get it when you play online.

Have you ever played at a land-based casino and asked for a comp? It is like pulling teeth. Have you ever asked for bonuses or VIP treatment at an online casino? It is exactly the opposite as the online casinos want your business and value you as a customer. It truly is night and day when it comes to customer service and treatment when you compare a land-based casino to an online casino. Customer service is just one of the many reasons that online casinos have grown in popularity in recent years while land-based casinos have not.

Online Casino Money

When you play at an online casino you will normally be trying to win money. While you can play online casino games for free there is definitely more excitement when you are trying to win money.

To have a better chance to win money at an online casino you need to have a bankroll and understand how to manage it. If you are just going to an online casino and planning to play $100 then you are probably going to lose that $100. If, on the other hand, you take that $100 and manage it properly you will have a better chance to end up in the black.

Your online casino bankroll must be managed properly if you expect to win money. Bankroll management begins with an honest assessment of what a bankroll is. How much money do you have to deposit at the online casino? Are you going to reload when it is gone or is that it? Do you know how much you are going to wager on each hand, spin, roll or pull of a casino game? You need to know and you need to know before you start playing.

Keep in mind that you need a mature and realistic view of online casino gambling. The house has the edge but you can reduce that edge by playing smart and playing where you have the best chance to win. Bankroll management means that you will have goals set up in advance and a plan in place to protect yourself if things go bad. Managing your money is critical if you want to win have success at the online casino.

Easy to Play at an Online Casino

It is very easy and fun to play at an online casino as it is really just a few clicks away. It may also be easier than that as you can press a few buttons on your mobile phone and be in action.

As you look to wager at an online casino you start by opening an account. There are many good online casinos that offer everything you will need. It is probably a good idea to open more than one account so you get the best of everything.

After opening an account at an online casino you need to send money to it. That is as simple as dealing with a bank and just as secure. There are various funding options and it is very easy to make a deposit. That is really all there is to getting ready to play at the online casino site. It takes just a matter of a few minutes for you to be in action.

If you have not played at an online casino then now is a great time to start. Online casinos are now very safe and secure. The only real decision you have to make is what game you want to play. It is so nice not to have to worry about safety, security, or reliability. Online casinos have made casino betting easy and potentially profitable.

What is Your Favorite Online Casino Game?

What game is your favorite one at the online casino? Do you like blackjack, roulette, poker or some other game? Do you enjoy the games that you are playing or are you stressed out trying to win money? Let’s consider how you can better enjoy the games you play at the online casino.

The first thing to decide when you play at the online casino is the game that you do the best. You might love poker but there are so many different varieties and you might not excel at all of them. You might be very good at blackjack and want to try your hand at the tables. You might be a person who is lucky and gets on a good run in craps. Find your area of expertise and go with it. This is your first tip to winning and enjoying online casino games.

As you play the games at the online casino, keep in mind that not every site offers the same thing. Find the one that fits your style and offers you the best options for your money and don’t forget to get the best bonus.

Some people forget all about having fun at the online casino and that is too bad. You need to enjoy the game that you are playing. If you love video poker then take a shot at those machines. They are easy to play and fun. If you don’t want to make any decisions then play the slots. You can win big money on slot machines. The most important thing is to enjoy the game you are playing at the online casino.

Club USA High Rollers

Club World Casinos is a casino that caters to the high rollers of the world. Unlike some casinos, Club USA allows large bets on many of their online casino games. And even if you are not a player who bets hundreds of dollars, Club USA has a VIP program where you don’t have to be a whale. Both high rollers and low rollers get special VIP bonuses at the online casino.

You will want to check out the high roller bonuses available at Club USA. They are offering a 100% bonus up to $777 dollars on video slots plus Keno and Scratch Cards. They are also offering a 100% bonus on blackjack, video poker and casino poker up to $150.

The VIP program at Club USA makes it so that players earn points for every bet they make at the online casino. This is great for high rollers because they are going to get a lot of comp points. The starting rate for the comp points is 1 point for every $10 but astute players will note that there are special games where double and triple points are offered. Once 100 comp points is reached it can be turned into cash with no payout restrictions.

Many of the popular games from Real Time Gaming are featured at Club USA including the traditional blackjack, roulette, video poker, etc., plus progressive slots like Aztec’s Millions and Jackpot Piñatas.

More Women Gambling Than Ever Before

There are now more women gambling than ever before. Research indicates that more and more women of all ages are gambling at both land-based and online casinos. The surge in women gamblers has been noted in many different forms of gambling including slot machines, lottery cards, and bingo.

A recent British survey found that although there are still more men that gamble than women, the gap is smaller. Women are more likely to play bingo than men and the number of women playing slot machines has risen as well. You might think that only the younger women are the ones that are gambling but that is not true. Recent estimates indicate that older women are now gambling online more than in the past. There is no question that online bingo is a big reason for the surge in women who are gambling today. Bingo is very much a social game and women have really found it to be appealing.

The next time you visit a land based casino or when you are playing at an online casino, take a look around and see just how many women are playing. You might be surprise to find that there are just as many women as men, or perhaps more. Gambling is always changing and the latest trend is that more women are taking their shot to win money.

Instant Win Games at the Online Casino

A quick way to win money at the online casino is by playing instant win games. Many of the instant win games are simply online scratchcards. They would be similar to the scratchcards you pick up at your local store to play the lottery.

Normally with an instant win game there are multipliers underneath the symbol you scratch off. If you match three symbols then you would win the instant game and you would also win if you had a multiplier. For example, you might have a 25x multiplier which means you would win 25 times your original bet.

There are also some really popular instant win games available at the online casino like Deal or No Deal, The X-Factor, Bejeweled, etc. The variety of instant win games available at the online casino is really excellent so you should be able to find a game to your liking.

In some ways, instant win games are like the lottery but you don’t have to wait to see if you are a winner. You pick your squares (or scratch them off with your mouse) and instantly see if you are a winner. Many people like to play instant win games while they are playing other games like keno, bingo, etc.

Check out the instant win games today at your favorite online casino and get in on the excitement.

Playing Euro Slots Poker at the Online Casino

One of the interesting games you can play at the online casino is Euro Slots Poker from Real Time Gaming. It is a game that is a mix of slots and video poker. It is similar to video poker but it is played with three slot reels instead of cards.

Euro Slots Poker begins just like video poker as you get five symbols dealt to you. You can hold whatever symbols you like and draw for new ones. The final arrangement of symbols is then compared to the payout table. The payout is more similar to a slots payout than a video poker payout. Usually there is a payout when you match three or more symbols. Unlike video poker, there are no payouts for a pair or two pair.

There are two special symbols in the game. They are the joker and the diamond. The joker is the wild symbol and pays out whenever it appears. The diamond symbol is not as valuable as it only pays out if all five symbols are diamonds.

One of the interesting features in Euro Slots Poker is the gamble game after each payout as players can risk their winnings or half of their winnings on a high or low symbol.

There is also a bonus games with European Slot Poker. The Fruit bonus is triggered when four cherry, bell, watermelon or plums occur and the fruit bonuses can also be wagered in the gamble game.

Check out Euro Slots Poker at your favorite RTG online casino.

Three Card Poker at the Online Casino

Have you tried out Three Card Poker at the online casino? It is also referred to as Tri Poker or Tri Card Poker and is fun and easy to play. Let’s look at this exciting online casino game.

Three Card Poker is very easy to play with very little strategy which is why it is so popular at the online casino. When you play the game you usually have the option of playing Three Card Ante or Pair Plus. If you choose Pair Plus then you don’t have to worry about any strategy while if you choose Three Card Poker you only need to know high hands.

The dealer and the player each get three cards in Three Card Poker. If the player made an ante bet then they either fold or raise. If the player raises then the dealer will turn over his cards. The dealer needs a queen high or better to qualify. If the dealer doesn’t qualify then the player wins the ante bet and the raise is a tie. If the dealer qualifies then the highest hand wins both wagers.

In Three Card Poker your only decision is whether or not to make the additional bet or fold. And that decision should be automatic. You want at least a Queen in your hand or you should fold.

Check out Three Card Poker today and enjoy this game at your favorite online casino.

Online Casino Average Payout Ratio

You probably know what house edge means when talking about online casino games but what about average payout ratio? It is a term that refers to the amount a player will get back in the long run when playing the games. Most online casino games have an average payout ratio of 95% or more.

The interesting part about average payout ratio is that not all online casino games are the same. There will be some games where the ratio is about 99% which means in the long run it is almost a break even game for the player. You might be wondering which games offer the best average payout ratio for players.

It gets a little tricky to determine which games are the absolute best for the players because decision making comes into play. Blackjack can be a very good game for players but only if they play smart. It is a bad game for players who really don’t know what they are doing. The same can be said about craps which offers some really good value bets but also some really bad ones. The one game that is the best value for the player is baccarat. As long as players don’t bet the tie they really can’t go wrong. The average payout ratio is going to be over 98%. Maybe that is why the high rollers really like playing baccarat.

Not to be left out of the discussion of average payout ratio is video poker. Many of the machines offer payout ratios near 99% but again, that is only if players make the right decisions.

The bottom line with average payout ratio as the online casino is that the best games to play are baccarat, blackjack, craps and video poker.

Multiple Currencies Online Casinos

When you are playing at an online casino it is always helpful to play at one that takes multiple currencies. If you are a player outside of the United States then playing at a casino that converts currencies is almost a must. The good news is that many online casinos today deal in multiple currencies.

When you are considering an online casino that does deal in multiple currencies it is not just enough that they have many different currencies; they also need to fairly convert these currencies. And that is not as cut and dried as you might think. Make sure that your deposit or withdrawal is converted properly. For example, let’s say you deposit $100 dollars. You want that money converted into the exact ratio using today’s exchange rate. You don’t want to be playing at an online casino that doesn’t take today’s values into consideration. If you are depositing thousands of dollars then getting the best conversion rate is an absolute must.

Most online casinos today deal in multiple currencies but not all. The ones that accept just a single currency usually only accept players from the country of that currency. You want to be playing at a casino that can handle multiple currencies. If a casino can’t be trusted to handle multiple currencies and convert everything correctly do you really want to be sending them your money?

Companies Preparing for Online Gambling Expansion

It has taken more than a decade but the United States is starting to show signs that they are going to allow online gambling. The Department of Justice relaxed some rules back in December regarding some types of online gambling and some states are now set to allow online gambling for their residents. Many big companies are getting ready for the day when the floodgates open in the United States.

The two states that are ahead of the game are Nevada and Delaware. Both states have already approved online gambling with Nevada already accepting applications for online gambling licenses with Delaware right behind. California and New Jersey could be next on the list.

Some big companies are getting ready for the online gambling expansion. 3G Studios is a video game developer located in Nevada and they are hiring new people to make new gambling games. Zynga and IGT are well positioned to attract players to online gambling sites as well and many companies will want to be in partnership with casino resorts like MGM and Bally’s that already have a presence in the market and licenses in the states.

With almost every state in the U.S. facing huge budget deficits it should come as no surprise that states are starting to embrace online gambling as a possible revenue source and that many companies are getting ready.

Online Casinos Dominating Land-Based Casinos

When gamblers choose to play their favorite casino games they are playing more at online casinos than at land-based casinos. There are a number of reasons that players prefer to play at online casinos.

One of the biggest reasons that gamblers are playing at online casinos instead of land-based casinos is cost. In today’s world it is costly to travel to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. It even costs money to travel to a local casino because gamblers almost never just play the games. There is the cost of gas, food, tips, etc.

Another reason that people prefer playing online is the multitude of choices available. At a local casino there simply are not as many games and options because the land-based casino doesn’t have the ability to offer every game gamblers want. At an online casino, players can choose to play virtually any game they want and at a variety of limits.

The last big reason that gamblers choose online casinos is the bonus money. Almost every online casino offers a number of bonuses to their players. At a land-based casino you are lucky if you can get a comp for a free meal.

We live in the age of technology and online casinos provide exciting graphics, great game play and the ability to play on mobile devices. It is easy to see why online casinos continue to dominate land-based casinos.

Online Casino Payout Percentages

Are you aware that online casinos actually have payout percentages? And we are not talking about specific casino games and their payout percentages but the overall payout percentage for the online casino. When you are choosing an online casino you probably don’t give any thought to payout percentages. That is a mistake because there are some online casinos that are better than others.

The payout percentage for an online casino is not always advertised but you can find out what it is if you do a little research. You really want to be playing at an online casino where the payout percentage is near 98%. This means that for every $100 you wager, you will get back $98 in return. This number is based on the long term and the figure is obtained in an audit by an independent company. Payout percentages are available for the entire online casino and for individual games. When it comes to individual games the numbers should be the same at each online casino but because slots and video poker have varying percentages, the overall online casino payout percentages will be different.

One thing to remember about online casino payout percentages is that almost all of them are far better than those found at land-based casinos. A 98% payout percentage at a land-based casino is unheard as most percentages range from 80-90%. If you want to win more money at casino games there is no doubt that online casinos offer you a far better bang for your buck.

Keep payout percentages in mind the next time you are playing at the online casino.

Is the Online Casino Bonus Worth It?

When you deposit money at an online casino you normally get some type of bonus ranging anywhere from 10% to 500% or more. This might seem like a silly question since it involves free money, but is the online casino bonus really worth it? Let’s take a look.

The advantage to getting a casino bonus is obvious as you get free money placed into your account. Let’s say you deposit $100 into an online casino and you get a 100% bonus. You would now have $200 in your account. That sounds good doesn’t it? The problem with that bonus is the restrictions that go along with it.

When you get an online casino bonus you will have to roll it over multiple times before it can be withdrawn. The rollover requirements usually start at 10x and can be as high as 50x. Let’s take that $100 example from earlier. It means you have to bet $1,000 before you can withdraw that $100. Can you reach that mark before losing your $100 bonus money? And keep in mind that many online casinos restrict the games where the bonus money can be used. Oftentimes the bonus can only be used on slots and not progressive slots. Sometimes you can play video poker and table games but oftentimes only half of your wagering is counted toward your rollover requirement.

The advantage to playing where you received no online casino bonus is that you can withdraw any winnings immediately.

The bottom line with an online casino bonus is that while it sounds great, most of the time you will never see that money because of the rollover requirements that are attached to it.

Online Wire Transfers

Faster than a credit card, more powerful than an eWallet, able to leap online protocols with a single check, it's direct wire transfers.
Direct wire transfers, represent perhaps the ideal combination of freedom, speed and security for the online casino player, with the only disadvantage being that typically a bank account is required and seriously, who doesn't have a bank account in this day and age? Wire transfers are a safe and easy way to deposit at online casinos. They are also a great way to withdraw all your earnings from the cashier after you've cleaned out the casino! Wire transfers are especially good when depositing and or withdrawing large amounts of money from online casinos.

One of the main reasons players choose online casinos accepting wire transfers is that they simply do not trust online resources, and don’t want to give out personal, private financial account information to any online website. This is understandable in this day and age of identity theft, so the fees encountered for using a wire transfer at an online casino are acceptable to provide that added security

Another reason online casino wire transfer options are so popular is that it is one of the few ways players can fund or withdraw game monies to and from their personal accounts. Wire transfers at online casinos are not restricted by the regulations of banks and online financial institutions. Other than using direct personal credit cards, wire transfers are your best and more secure option.
Wire transfers are definitely safe, but a player should investigate how wire transfers work and decide if this transfer method is the best fit for them. There are enough online casinos that offer wire transfers for payments and withdrawals, the question is if it’s the most convenient system for you the player.

Variety Factors into Explosion of Online Casino Growth

There are a multitude of factors that could explain the meteoric growth of online casino gambling but one of the lead reasons for certain is variety. Online casinos can offer a buffet of options both on games and betting limit amounts, both low and high, that a traditional brick and mortar casino cannot possibly match.

Take slots for example. At an online casino you can get a variety of play options, themes, and limits that are not possible at any Las Vegas strip casino. Part of this has to do with space availability as there is simply no way a brick and mortar casino can match an online competitor for space if for no other reason than expenses. It would simply be too costly for an onsite casino to build out enough room for the same variety at an online casino.

The variety goes beyond slots to slot tournaments as well as the other traditional games such as blackjack, craps, video poker, etc. Due to the low expense ratio of online casinos it is easier for them to offer a greater variety of games.

Many online gamers take advantage of the convenience of online casinos to branch out and experiment with different games that they might otherwise not have given a look in person. That is because online casinos offer the simplicity of clicking around and taking a virtual tour. Once players see the stunning graphics and the sheer volume of games they cannot resist taking a chance, especially with low limit games that a brick and mortar casino would never consider carrying.

The Key Traits of an Online Casino Gambling Loser

Success at online casino gambling is as much about what not to do as what to do. There are some simple keys to avoid to help put you on the right track towards success.

The First mistake is players being overly aggressive. This is a new dynamic of online gambling and can be perhaps related to the anonymous feeling of playing alone online where you cannot be seen rather than in public at a traditional brick and mortar casino.
Next is hyper activity. Many players will play multiple games at the same time as something of an action binge. This can become quite confusing and result in impulsive gambling decisions that are bad.

Chasing losses is another common trait of the online casino gambling loser. Part of becoming successful at online gambling is learning to survive for when Lady Luck comes your way. Too many players take themselves out of the game with raging decisions and bets based on the frustration of losing.

Lack of a bankroll management plan is yet anoher killer for online casino gambling loser. The player who enters an online casino without such plans as loss limits, bet limits, bankroll structure is certain to flame out in no time.

The inability to handle winning is yet another common trait of the online gambling loser. Winning is often an intoxicant to the wrong type of gambler and it leads to reckless plays and money management. Winning also can make the wrong type of gambler emotional and turning off the fundamentals that caused victory in the first place.

Reality Based Online Casino Gambling

At the risk of potentially insulting readers let’s just have a face to face eyeball to eyeball confrontation with the truth. If you believe that you are going to get rich and retire after a few days of online gambling than please spend your money on a virtual reality trip or a shrink because you have totally lost your mind and ability to deal with reality.

Sure, does lightning strike and someone win the lottery? Of course, but the reality of that is that ridiculous odds were beaten in order for that to happen and nobody can plan for such events.

The reality of online gambling is that hardly anyone wins either in the short or long term but the few that do understand and realize that success at online gambling is a commitment to a long and steady grind. Progress comes slowly and, beyond that, there will be times when you fall two steps back after taking a step forward.

For someone to not respect the fact that the house odds and edge are stacked against you is to invite disaster in short order. The fools who believe that they will retire on a beach after a couple of days gambling online are truly going to be in for a rude awakening.
It’s hard enough to beat the odds at online casino gambling and the only realistic way to have a shot at doing so is to know that you will be up against it and that it will require incredible skill, discipline, luck, and a lot of time, to make a profit.

Choice is the Law at Online Casinos

“Choice” is a popular word that is used by many businesses almost as a cliché to try and appeal to a new customer base that is demanding of it. Many times those who are touting choice are merely offering 2 or 3 choices. But when it comes to online casino gambling websites the choices are into infinity. Whether it comes to games, limits, betting options, tournaments or availability the choice is all yours. And that is why online casino gambling continues its meteoric rise while traditional on site in person gambling at brick and mortar casinos remains stagnant.

When you go to a brick and mortar casino what few options and choices that you are given are already made for you by the casino. There may be 2 or 3 different betting minimums and a few different games but that is it. Compare that to online casinos where the choices are limitless and you are able to enjoy an environment in which you are basically able to construct any type of gaming experience that you see fit.

Because of the variety of choice a gambler may play for hundreds of dollars are for a few pennies at a time all at the same online casino and at the same game.

Many online gamblers enjoy the different playing options that are offered online compared to Las Vegas style in person casinos in which the options are very restricted and limited.

When online casinos claim the choice is yours no truer words were ever spoken!

Manage Yourself When Gambling Online

There is no way to expect success at online casino gambling and no right to expect to have any control over your success if you are unable to control yourself. Self-control is of paramount importance when gambling online and also part of the process of being able to enjoy your online gambling experience.

The first step towards self-control with your online gambling experience is setting realistic expectations. For the fools who think they will rock a royal flush or hit the jackpot at slots after a few pulls there is likely not any hope and a lot of hard and expensive lessons to learn. For those who are able to control themselves, however, there is the likelihood of fun if not success as part of self-control is being able to relax and play with a care free style that is actually conducive to better production at gaming success.

Another part of self-control is the discipline to be a student of the game and actually learn all of the bets, odds, and best and worst plays and moves of each game that you wager with. Every game at an online casino gambling website has particular things that are to do and not to do and with various different structures as far as odds and house advantages.

Managing facts and dealing with reality is part of the process of learning to master and control yourself when gambling online. Control yourself first and you will find that you can also control the game!

Playing Casino War at the Online Casino

Do you remember the card game War that you used to play as a kid? You can play that game right now at the online casino. And it is just like you remember it when you played it when you were young. Let’s look at Casino War.

The game of Casino War is played with six decks at the online casino. After the player makes his wager, the dealer and the player get one card. The cards are compared and the higher card wins. If there is a tie the player has two choices. He can surrender and lose half his bet or go to war. If the player chooses to go to war he must raise his bet to an equal amount to his original wager. The dealer then takes another card and gives the player another card. If the player’s second card equals or beats the dealer then the player wins the second bet while the first bet is a push. If the dealer has the higher card then the player loses both bets.

Since the house has to have an edge at the online casino it comes when the player and dealer go to war. The player doesn’t win both bets in the war as he ties the first bet and wins the second bet.

You can play Casino War right now at InterCasino.

Online Casino Hi-Lo Games

A simple and fun game to play at the online casino is Hi-Lo. It is considered by some people as a form of poker but in reality it is far simpler and can really be best compared to what you see on “The Price is Right” television show. Let’s look at playing Hi-Lo at the online casino.

When you play Hi-Lo at the online casino you normally will see some different variations of the game. There are variations like Risk It, Triple Chance Hi-Lo, Aces High, Hi-Lo Hero, etc.

The game begins with a random number generated between a specified low and high limit. The player then predicts whether the next number will be higher or lower than the current number. If the player guesses right he is paid at the stated odds. If he is wrong then he loses his wager. The odds will vary according to the probability of picking the right number. For example, if the number shown was 47 on a range from 0 to 50 then the chances of getting a small number are extremely high and the odds are adjusted accordingly.

Many of the Hi-Lo games will allow the players to roll over their winnings. It is kind of like Let It Ride. Players can bank their winnings, risk them all or bank part of them.

One of the popular varieties of Hi-Lo is the game Genie’s Hi Low from Playtech. Players selected a card from the deck which is exposed and then pick whether the next card will be higher or lower. Additional options include picking the rank and color of the next card.

Luck or Skill in Online Casino Games

When you play online casino games you will likely be playing games that involve both luck and skill. There are some games like slots where it is almost all luck while in games like poker there is more skill involved. Let’s look at luck and skill in online casino games.

One of the most popular online casino games is blackjack and it features a mixture of luck and skill. There is no question that luck is involved but the math tells us that you will do better if you follow basic blackjack strategy.

Poker is the game where skill definitely comes in handy but there is no denying the luck factor. In the short term you would definitely rather be lucky than good. Over the long haul though the luck is supposed to even out and the more skilled players should win.

Video poker is another game where you can increase your chances of winning by following certain strategies. Craps is similar in that respect because you can make bets that have a lower house edge like the pass line bet or the come bet.

There are some games like roulette where it doesn’t matter what you do in terms of strategy as you need luck to win. You also need luck with games like bingo and keno. And you need it in baccarat as well although you can increase your chances of winning if you simply bet the banker’s hand every time.

For the most part when you play online casino games you want luck on your side but having a little skill definitely helps.

The Advantages to Playing at Multiple Online Casinos

There are online casinos all over the world. Whether it is casino betting, sports betting, bingo, poker or horse racing, there are a lot of places to play. Did you know that you can have an account at multiple online casinos?

You might find that one online casino has great sports betting lines while another has great poker tournaments. It is all a matter of finding what suits your needs when you wager at the online casino. For example, let’s say you like to bet blackjack but also like to play poker. You may find that a particular site has great blackjack software while another site has exciting poker games. Why pick just one site? Open an account at both online casino sites and enjoy great blackjack and great poker.

There is another reason to open multiple online casino accounts and that is the bonuses. It is always great to get free money whether it is a deposit bonus, a free payout, freerolls, etc. And you can get multiple bonuses if you have multiple online casino accounts.

You should be getting the idea now that playing at multiple online casinos is a good idea. There are just so many advantages that can make you money if you have multiple online casino accounts.

Online Casino Safety

When it comes to playing at the online casino there are still some people who are worried about safety. Those worries are really overblown because the money at the online casino is almost the same as having it in a bank. Let’s look at online casino safety and compare it to the safety of a land-based casino.

The safety of your money at an online casino is really dependant on the online casino you are playing at. And today, almost every single online casino of note is extremely safe. You can send and receive money safely and securely. There is no worry about not getting paid when you withdraw if you are playing at a reputable casino. And today, there are hundreds of reputable online casinos to choose from.

If you compare online casino safety to land-based casino safety the risks are very low if you wager at either place. If you play at land-based casinos you do run the risk of having pick pockets and you have the risk of being robbed. Neither of those things happens often but the risks are there.

If you happen to be very successful and win a lot of money you are better off at the online casino because of the anonymity. You don’t have to worry about someone following you out of the casino because you are playing online.

The bottom line is that when it comes to casino safety, playing online or playing at a land-based casino is pretty safe.

Fun and Profit at the Online Casino

When you think of playing your favorite casino game you may think of playing at the online casino. It used to be that playing online was rare but now it is a major part of people’s lives. People around the world are playing at online casino sites every day and having fun and winning money.

When it comes to online casino gambling there are some things to keep in mind. The first one is that you may want to treat it simply as a hobby and have fun. If you are hoping to win money long term then there are some realities you should be aware of. Regardless of the game that you play the house does have an edge. It might not be very high but unless you have extreme discipline, a great strategy and some luck, you are going to be in the red over the long haul. The goal when you play at the online casino is to have fun and when you make a profit, keep it.

When you play at the online casino you should be having fun and enjoying yourself. Pick out some games you really like to play and enjoy. Then pick out some games where you have a reasonable chance of winning. And if you have some extra money, be sure to take a shot at some of the big online progressive slot jackpots because if you hit one of those, it can be life changing money.

Top Online Casino Betting Tips

When you play at the online casino there are some tips that should help you win more money. Let’s look at some of the top online casino betting tips.

Bankroll – If you don’t have a bankroll then you are not going to be able to play the games you want and you will have no real chance of winning money. Set aside a certain amount for your online casino betting and keep it separate from everything else.

Bonuses – Many people forget all about bonuses when they play at the online casino. You can almost always get great bonuses that you can use to play at the online casino and they will increase your bankroll. Look for those bonuses with the lowest rollover requirements and use them.

Play Your Best Games – A huge mistake that many people make when playing at the online casino is playing games that are not their best. You might be a player that really does well playing craps but you love to play roulette. Don’t go taking shots at games you don’t understand and don’t play well. Focus on your best games.

Practice – Before you play for real money make sure to play the games for free at the online casino. Practice the games and test out your strategies before you risk real money. Almost all of the online casinos let you play the games for free so take advantage and test things out in advance.

Online Casino Progressive Betting

When you play online casino games you probably just make fixed wagers. That means you bet the same amount every time you make your wager. Have you ever tried progressive betting? This is where you vary the amount of your wagers. Let’s look at progressive betting at the online casino.

If you are a progressive bettor then you are changing the amounts of your wagers on a regular basis. For example, let’s say you are playing blackjack and bet $5 on the first hand, $10 on the second hand, $15 on the third hand, etc. You might have a three hand progressive set and then you start over or you might have a longer progressive set before you start over.

The reason you want to use progressive betting is that it takes advantage of hot streaks. If you just bet $5 on three straight hands and won each hand you would make $15. If you used progressive betting and won those three hands then you would make $30.

Progressive betting is great for long winning streaks but the disadvantage is that it is loses money when no streaks are involved. If you go win, lose, win, lose, win, lose, etc. you are going to lose more with a progressive betting system than with a fixed betting system.

If you are a player who loves to bet on streaks then try out a progressive betting system the next time you are wagering at the online casino.

The Best Live Dealer Online Casino Games

When you play online casino games you oftentimes have the option of playing with a live dealer. It is just like playing in a land-based casino as a live dealer spins the wheel or deals the cards. What games are the best ones to play with live dealers at the online casino?

The live dealer games at online casinos are gaining popularity because of better technology. It is now possible to see your dealer in your browser thanks to streaming video. You can watch the dealer spin the ball in roulette, deal the cards in blackjack or poker or run many other of your favorite online casino games.

When you play with a live dealer you can interact with him/her just as you would at a land-based casino. The best games to play with a live dealer are blackjack and poker games. Baccarat can also be a good game to interact with a live dealer.

You may not want to play roulette or craps with a live dealer as there simply isn’t much for the dealer to do or for you to see. You can watch the action but the computer spin of a ball in roulette works just as well as a dealer doing it and with craps there is no real advantage to having a live dealer.

What you do want when you play live dealer games are professional dealers who are friendly, attractive and who do a good job dealing the game. You want technology that is excellent and you don’t want the dealers to distract from the game.

Check out live dealer games at your favorite online casino today.

Online Casino Reverse Withdrawals

Do you know what an online casino reverse withdrawal is? Let’s take a look at what is a controversial policy and if it should be used.

A reverse withdrawal, or reverse pending, is where the online casino holds the money for a player for a period of time, normally 24-48 hours before sending it. The player can access this money during this time and play with it. That is why it is called a reverse withdrawal. Some online casinos give the players the option of a “manual flush” where the withdrawal money is not held and can’t be played again.

Most players do not like the reverse withdrawal simply because they don’t have the discipline not to play with the money after withdrawing it. Players who are tempted to play with money already requested for withdrawal should only play at an online casino where they can choose the manual flush option. Or they should only play at an online casino where the reverse withdrawal is not an option.

The only positive with a reverse withdrawal is where a player wants to play in a tournament or needs money unexpectedly. Most of the time this should not be the case and that is why the reverse withdrawal is not something that should be used by players at the online casino.

Are You Patient at the Online Casino?

Can you show patience when playing at the online casino? It is one of the toughest things to do when you play online casino games. You want to win money and when it doesn’t happen you start to make bets that you wouldn’t normally have made or you start to bet more money. It has happened to nearly everyone at one time or another and almost every time the lack of patience costs money.

When you are patient you let the game come to you. It sounds simple but it is so hard to do. For example, let’s say you take $100 to the blackjack table. You start off cold and lose half of that in the first ten minutes. You go on tilt and bet more than you should and in no time you have lost the entire $100. You reload and put just $50 in next time and bet lower amounts on each hand. You get hot but win less because you are betting less. You didn’t show patience and you don’t take advantage of the hot streak.

The same principle applies to games like roulette and craps where you are waiting for a streak. If you are not patient and press your bets when losing you will have nothing left when the table gets hot.

Patience is a virtue and it is critical to your success when playing at the online casino.

Online Casino Portal

Have you ever visited an online casino portal? What should you expect to find? Let’s take a look at what you should find when visiting an online casino portal.

The online casino portal is where you get a lot of information about online casinos in one place. You will find everything from reviews and recommendations to odds and strategies.

Reviews are where you read about an online casino and whether it is reliable or not. These reviews should be unbiased so if you just see positives about every online casino then you know they are probably just promotional reviews. What you really want is reviews written by actual players. It is kind of what you see on Amazon when selecting a product. You want real reviews from real people.

The casino games section of the casino portal is where you see all of the games listed. You can find out how to play blackjack, roulette, craps, etc. and get the house edge on all of the bets available to you. This section may also include the exact rules for each of the games.

The strategy section is where you can get tips on how to play each of the casino games and some specific ideas of how to make money playing the games.

Check out the online casino portal today and get ready to play your favorite online casino games.

Online Casinos from the House View Point

Have you ever considered the online casino from the view point of the house? You might think they want to trick their customers and take all of their money but that is not the case. Online casinos are in business to make money but they also realize that they need customers to stay in business.

Online casinos want your business. They want you to be a happy customer. They don’t even mind if you have some success because they know that in the long run the house edge will win. Online casinos realize that to keep customers happy they have to offer games that people want to play and they have to give customers a realistic chance to win. Most online casinos do that every single day.

Online casinos compete against each other and that is good news for players because there are a lot of choices and a lot of bonuses and perks available. Online casinos are just like other businesses in that they will offer specials, deals and lower prices to entice people into their business. They will also try to make everything appealing to the customer so they keep them.

Some people think of online casinos in a negative light which is unfortunate because the reality is that online casinos are reputable businesses that try to put the customer first.

Choosing to Bet at the Online Casino

Are you one of the many people that play online casino games? If not, you should take a look as playing online is more popular than ever. What are the advantages when you play at the online casino?

Online casino odds are always better than what you will find at your local casino and no matter what type of online betting you choose you can wager in moments with just the click of the mouse. When you bet at online casinos you have 24/7/365 access to whatever kind of game you want. You can bet at online casinos anytime, as they never close. Beyond that you can bet from virtually anywhere that has Internet access.

There is simply no comparison with online casinos to the local casino you will find in Nevada or Las Vegas or some of the local Indian casinos. The customer service at the local casino isn’t that great as the employees have no real incentive to give you great service or great deals. When you bet at the online casino, however, you will find that you are valued and treated well. No matter the amount you wager at online betting sites you will get the high roller treatment which is something that simply doesn’t happen at land-based casinos.

From more game choice, better odds and 24 hour access, online casinos have a huge edge over land-based casinos. Check out your favorite online casino games today as you make your next casino bet.

Online Casino Tournaments

Did you know that you can play a lot of varieties of tournaments at online casinos? There are a number of different tournaments, from blackjack or poker to slots and video poker available to players at the online casino.

When you play an online casino tournament you are simply trying to win the most chips. You are given a certain number of casino chips and a time limit and the person who finishes with the most chips wins the tournament. The prizes can be anything from cash or merchandise to free game entries or credits.

There are a lot of different casino games that feature tournaments but they usually are done in one of two main formats. There are scheduled tournaments and sit-n-go tournaments. The first type is where the tournament has a set time in advanced and players register in advance. The second type is the sit-n-go where there is not a set time. These tourneys simply start when there are enough players registered for the event.

There are a lot of different games that offer tournaments at the online casino. As noted previously, there are blackjack, poker, slots and video poker but there are also roulette and craps tournaments and you can also find different varieties among each of the main games.

Check out all of the different online casino tournaments available today at your favorite online casino.

Online Casino Pace a Potential Bankroll Buster

Of the many differences between online casino gambling and in person on site gambling at a land based brick and mortar casino the most important one of all, the difference of differences, is the pace of the two different versions as online casino gambling is considerably more fast paced with many more plays and bets per hour than what is the case at a traditional brick and mortar casino. Beyond that for the multitude of players that are playing several different games and browsers all at the same time what this means is potentially huge danger to their bankrolls as the amount of betting activity that such players go through in an hour is simply not sustainable in the long run against the law of averages that is the odds.

To survive at online gambling you must learn to think quickly and to keep in pace with the quick action on the virtual tables. A mastery of the rules of the game of your choice is essential if your bankroll is to last as there is simply not enough time for doubts and indecision.

The one weapon that trumps all at online gambling and its fast pace is preparation, which is indeed power when it comes to successfully surviving the pace of online gaming.

The best way to prepare for the fast paced tables of online casino gambling is to first play at the free tables and use them as a school to develop expertise and your rhythm for online gaming.

Playing at New Online Casinos

Have you ever wanted to play a new online casino? Do you think it is safe to do so? Let’s look at what you should keep in mind if you choose to play at a new online casino.

There are some definite positives and negatives when it comes to playing at a brand new online casino. The first big advantage to playing at a new site is the great bonuses that are offered. Because the site is new, the bonus offers can be extremely enticing. It is not unusual to see huge welcome bonuses offered to players at new online casinos. The new online casinos may also offer great loyalty programs and VIP programs to keep their players.

The big disadvantage to playing at a new casino is safety. You may not know whether or not the site is completely trustworthy. And this is a huge negative. You definitely need to do some research and look to see if the new site has a license, is located in a country known for having regulations for online casinos and if the site has software that is well known and reliable. There are no guarantees with a new site but you can definitely do some research and get an idea of whether the site is going to be a good one.

The plusses are big when you play at a new online casino but the one big negative can make it risky. Do your research and you could be well rewarded if you find a new online casino that is reliable.

Understanding Online Slot Returns

When you play online slots it helps if you understand the returns on the machines you are playing. You will see slots that return anywhere from 92% to 99%. Let’s look at what that really means.

If you played $100 on the slots and the machine paid out 95% then you would get $95 back. But keep in mind that the payout percentage is based on an infinite number of spins. In the short term you could easily see a payback percentage much less or much more than the 95%.

Remember that if you play online slots and play for a long period of time you are going to see the house edge wear you down. Even if the slot is paying back 98% it means that the online casino is winning 2% for every $100. And in an hour of playing time you might get 800 spins which means you would be losing about $35 per hour. And that is on a good machine that pays out 98% of the time.

Oftentimes people think that because online slots have a low house edge that they will lose less money. The problem with that theory is that online slots have you making a lot more bets than games like blackjack, roulette, etc.

If you want to win at online slots in the long run then you simply have to play progressive slots and hope to hit a big jackpot. That is the only way to overcome the house edge in the long run when playing slots at the online casino.

Maximizing Online Casino Bonuses

One of the great things about playing at online casinos is the many different bonuses that you can get. How do you go about maximizing online casino bonuses? Let’s take a look.

Online casino bonuses range from cash bonuses and comp points to prizes and free play. You can definitely increase your bankroll if you use these rewards. The bonuses might not be cashable right away but you can usually use the money to increase your bankroll and the time you are able to spend at the online casino. And the more time you spend at the online casino, the more chances you have to win money.

If you want to benefit from online casino bonuses then you have to understand the requirements for each bonus you get. It doesn’t do you much good to have a slots bonus if you never play the slots. It also doesn’t do you much good to have a 100x rollover requirement bonus as you will never see it. Don’t just glance over the bonus wagering requirements. Look at them closely because you can get better deals at some online casinos.

The best way to maximize online casino bonuses is to only claim those bonuses that suit your particular playing style and your bankroll. Look for those bonuses that specifically apply to your favorite game so that you can use them effectively.

Be Careful in Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

One of the most attractive features of online casino gambling are the bonuses that are offered and for the vast majority of online casinos those bonuses are on the up and up making it a win-win situation for the player and online casino alike.

The online casino gambling industry is under more regulation that at any time in its 20+ year history which is a good thing as far as consumer protection and weeding out the few online casinos stupid enough to try and fool the public.

But there is also a considerable amount of ambiguity as far as bonus structure and rewards. Therefore it is ultimately the player’s responsibility to make sure that they completely understand the house rules and bonus structures of the online casino that they are visiting.

To be fair it often does seem as if many of the online casinos are offering what is often termed as “free money” but that there is actually no such thing. Nobody in online gambling gets something for nothing. A big part of doing your due diligence is ascertaining just exactly how and when you are to actually collect your online casino bonus.

There are play requirements at online casinos that must be met and should be spelled out in the bonus rules.

Keep in mind that as a player you do hold the ultimate advantage of being in a consumer’s market that is super competitive and with online casinos that have to top and outdo each other as far as what they will offer to entice betting action their way.

There has never been a better time to be involved in online gambling thanks to those bonuses. Just make sure to fully understand the house rules and ask questions for clarification with the chat features at all good online casinos.



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