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Playing Scratch Cards at the Online Casino

One of the easiest and quickest ways to win money at the online casino is by playing a scratch card. Let’s look at how to play scratch cards at the online casino.

Scratch cards, also known as scratch and win cards, are really like playing a mini-lottery ticket at the online casino. You get a card and scratch away the surface to reveal symbols. The right combination of symbols makes you an instant winner.

The first step to playing scratch cards is deciding on your wager. Once you decide the wager amount you select the card you want. You then scratch away the surface by either letting the computer do it with the “Show Card” Button or by scratching the card yourself using your mouse.

To win when playing scratch cards at the online casino you normally have to match three of the same symbols on the card. If you win, the combination is highlighted on the scratch card. For example, let’s say you had three 2X symbols on the card. You would then win double your wager. There are some scratch cards that have a 50X symbol which means you can win 50X your original wager.

If you want quick excitement at the online casino then be sure to try out scratch cards today.

Cashback Offers at the Online Casino

You have probably heard about online casino bonuses but have you heard about cashback offers? Some online casinos will offer cash back bonuses to their players but these are not as widely advertised or promoted. What exactly is a cashback bonus at the online casino?

A cashback bonus at the online casino is simply getting cash back for you play. The online casinos will vary in how they pay out the bonus and each casino can be different. Some online casinos will give back cash on losses automatically while others only give cash back on the bonus when requested. And the amount you have to wager can vary widely before you qualify for the cashback bonus.

Keep in mind that the cashback bonus is a lot like other casino bonuses with conditions and terms attached to it. Make sure to read the fine print so you know how much you need to wager and which games qualify. Some sites start with giving you cash back on play of $100 a month while others have higher numbers of $500 or more. And most online casinos will also cap the amount you get back.

The cashback bonus is a nice perk but it shouldn’t be the only reason you pick an online casino. Check out the software, the deposit and withdrawal options and make sure the online casino has the games you want to play.

Getting an Edge at the Online Casino

The ultimate goal of gamblers at the online casino is to find an edge. Can it actually be done?

The bottom line is that the online casino has the advantage over the player but that advantage can be diminished if the player does things right. There are definitely some games and some bets that are better than others. You should only be focused on playing certain games like baccarat, craps and video poker or taking big shots for progressive jackpots on slots.

You are not going to grind down the casino because the house has an edge on all of the games so you have to hit a streak or hit a jackpot to end up a winner. The best games to play where you can get on a streak and in which the house edge is low are baccarat and craps. Some people might put blackjack and roulette into good games to play for streaks but the house edge in roulette is too high and blackjack is too volatile.

If you are going to go for the progressive jackpots then you want to be playing video poker or the slots. Most of the life changing money will be found on the slots as there are million dollar jackpots available every single day on some of the progressive slots at the online casino.

If you play the right games at the online casino you will give yourself a better chance to get on a hot streak or to hit the big jackpot.

The Auto Play Feature at the Online Casino

Have you ever tried out the auto play feature when playing online casino games? You might want to use the auto play feature for a number of reasons including getting the odds more in your favor.

Many online casino games offer the auto play feature. There can actually be some advantages to using the auto play feature not the least of which is improving your odds of winning. If you are using the auto play feature for a game like slots or keno then there is no edge but there is an edge when you play games like blackjack and video poker.

When you play blackjack and choose the auto play feature you get the advantage of the computer making the decisions for you in regards to when to hit, double down, split, etc. Many players don’t play perfect blackjack strategy but the computer does. When you select the auto play feature the odds will actually be more in your favor.

The same thing happens with video poker when you choose the auto play feature. The computer will make the proper decisions on which cards to hold and which ones to discard. Keep in mind though that with the auto play feature engaged the computer may simply be making the decision to give you the best short term payout and not going for a big jackpot like the Royal Flush where you may have to hold certain cards and bypass a certain payout to go for the big jackpot.

Use the auto play feature at the online casino and you may very well increase your odds of winning.



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